Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A very delayed update

Dear Second Grade Families, 

It feels like weeks since I've been able to log in and update you all with the fun we've been having in second grade. 

Thank you for understanding. 

We continue to persevere as we work with numbers, quantities, word problems, money, tables, interpreting data, the writing process, spelling, verbs, adjectives, and thinking about our own thinking when we read. These are just some of the skills we are currently practicing. 

Math kicks off our day every day. We implement time, money, and place value into our daily morning meeting. Lately we've been targeting coin exchanges and word problems involving key words that tell us to subtract and even word problems involving money. This gets tricky because it means we are adding and subtracting double and TRIPLE digit numbers. Therefore we've been practicing various strategies to use when adding and subtracting with borrowing and carrying over. Otherwise known as the traditional method or stacking method. 

We are nearing the end of Unit 5 targeting the creation of charts, tables, and graphs. Along with this comes the practice of reading and interpreting this data. 

NO GO TELL with Kurt. 
Most recently we have completed our no go tell unit with Kurt. This led to great practice and conversation with strategies on how to handle strangers and safety. 

I interrupt this update to show you how adorable this second grade class is! We ROCK! 
Our first selfie! Not an easy task. 

The writing process is a very big job in second grade. We continue to work on pre-writing, organizing ideas, writing with paragraph, inserting quotation marks and various punctuation to show dialogue and voice, and finally revising to make our story even better and editing to share our very best work. We do this independently as well as together as a whole group, and even one on one with myself and/or peers. 

We have completed so many various fiction stories that we have now completed our very first book. Your second grader has written a fiction story of their choice, followed the writing process, and is now publishing their book including fiction text features using an app called book creator. Excited is an understatement for your children. These books will be published in print for them to share with you. We cannot wait!! 

One more reminder...these next two weeks are parent-teacher-student conferences. If you are unsure of when you and your child should be here, please reach out to me. I look forward to seeing you all. 

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