Thursday, March 10, 2016

Checking in

Hello Second Grade! 

We've had some beautiful days that have certainly gotten your children very excited. I love it! However, please help your child remember layers. As you know what starts out as a warmer day can become cooler in just a few hours. Jackets, sweatshirts, and even boots and a change of clothes, especially pants and socks are a great idea as spring approaches. 

We have an exciting couple of weeks ahead of us in second grade. Next week on the 15th we will have the honor of author, Jennifer Jacobson visiting our classroom. Then on the 23rd we will have representatives from ECOMaine visiting to talk with us about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. We have begun this in our school as you know through composting and recycling but it's exciting to hear how we can continue to make a difference not only in our school but in our community. 

Skills we've been practicing:
Various ways to get to 100
Collecting $1.00 and spending $1.00
Solving double and triple digit addition and subtraction story problems with the use ofmoney 
How many 5's are in 100?
How many 10's are in 100?
Math games has been a fun and challenging way to practice mental math, partner accountability, explaining how, and using critical thinking while practicing the most efficient ways to practice and develop math skills. 

Does a frog or a ladybug go through complete metamorphosis? This is what we're talking about as we use informational text and our partners to pull out examples of metamorphosis. 

Learning about nonfiction has been teaching us how to use text features to enhance our comprehension, research, identify the difference between fact and opinion, as well as implement some fun experiments during our writing block. We had the chance to explore which is stronger: a piece of flat paper or a paper that has been folded like an accordion?  We also experimented with absorption between writing paper and paper towels. In the end, we experimented then wrote about it. The best part was presenting our findings! So wonderful!!! 

Be sure to ask your second grader what animal they're studying right now. 

Enjoy your weekend!!! 

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