Sunday, April 10, 2016

Second grade update

The post office has been open for a full week and we may need to hire another mail carrier. It's a busy place! I love it! 

Your students have been busy practicing to write friendly letters. We've written to peers, other Small School friends, first grade, and to friends and family that may live outside of Sourh Portland. 

This is where I need your help. Your second grader is an amazing writer and these letters are fabulous-definitely worthy to get to the right address. So throughout the week, I will be sending home letters your child has written that must get out to the addresses we're unsure of. If you could help us by taking these letters and addressing them properly, we'd be SUPER appreciative.  It is so sweet to see how excited your child is to get mail! Thank you in advance. 

We have recently completed unit 7 in math covering fractions to the half, 1/4, 3/4, and mixed numbers. This was certainly a fun unit. 
We've begun unit 8 highlighting patterns and conjectures related to adding even numbers, odd numbers, and an even and odd number. Ask your child what a conjecture is and what they've proven to be true about adding even and odd numbers. 

Science has also continued to be a blast with symbiosis and the challenge of animal partnerships game. 

We've begun recognizing relationships where both animals benefit as well as relationships where only one animal benefits. Talk t your child about thei favorite animal relationship and who benefits. Upcoming is more work with insects and an ant farm will soon become our newest addition. Speaking of newest addition; meet Rocco, the Ortiz family's newest addition. 
Our 2.5 toy poodle. 

We're wrapping up our latest texts in guided reading groups just in time before vacation. Skills we've been practicing are inferring, questioning, pulling evidence, seeking answers, "what if" discussions, book talks, vocabulary, and summarizing. Talk to your student about what book they're reading in small groups and what they're feeling successful with. 
"The life of a second grader!"

Remember that Thursday the 14th is an early release day. Your child will be dismissed at 12:30. 

Next week is April vacation. Enjoy! 

You've seen by now that an informative letter regarding the side x side arts integration program research study has come home with your child on Friday. As it says, if you support your child being a part of this project, I do not need the paper work back. 
Your child's name will never be published. This is a chance for me to explore the variety of ways to integrate the arts into my regular instruction and units of study. I am excited about what I'll learn and how your students will benefit. Thank you for your support. 

Have a wonderful week! 

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