Sunday, May 8, 2016

Another fantastic week

Happy Mother's Day! I hope all of you moms have a beautiful day today. Your sweet child was hard at work painting, writing, cutting, coloring, and thinking about all that they know about their mom. It was precious to hear them talk so proudly of how great their mom is. 

This past week we've completed unit 8 in math highlighting addition number stories and we've even practiced checking our work using the opposite operation. Some of these problems even led us to early multiplication. Second grade just loves that! 
At this point, you should notice your second grader telling you what time it is, even to the nearest five minutes, using an analog clock. Just ask them! Challenge your second grader with money too. They're also recording money counted and recording it using dollars and cent notation. These are just a couple of the many skills your second grader has mastered. With all the new skills we are practicing every day, it is important to continue to practice basic addition facts also. The automaticity of addition facts is very important as they go onto third grade. 

A peek at what we were introduced to this past week: 

In other news, we've spent the last few weeks reading, analyzing, and writing poetry. The poems your second grader has written are amazing! Come check out our authors' board. 
Now, we're heading into opinion writing. We're looking closely at the difference between a fact and opinion and how to write to persuade. This is our final pice of the pie. We've written to entertain, written to inform, and now writing to persuade. Stay tuned as you will be receiving persuasive letters real soon. I apologize in advance for what they might be persuading you for. Haha. 

Of course at the end of each writing piece, their favorite part is sharing them. They are so proud! As they should be! Here are a few of my friends who shared this week. 

Stay tuned to hear about our reading culminating projects. 
Also, remember that Wednesday is an early release. Dismissal will be at 12:30 on this day. 

Have a wonderful week! 

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