Monday, March 30, 2015

A new week

Happy Monday! 
We are in week two of our new Readers' Workshop model using the Daily 5. Our transitions are improving and it feels great observing your second grader independently make choices, utilize technology for reading, and work with peers to confer, question, and listen for fluency. 
We are coming to an end in unit 4 math:collecting, analyzing, and organizing data. This has thoroughly been an enjoyable unit for all of us. 
Motion is in full effect as we experiment with tops, spinners, and zoomers. We're practicing through explorations, noting observations, sharing excitement with peers, and making connections. The word of the day is FORCE right now when connecting our movement tasks.
Finally, in writing, we are wrapping up our persuasive unit with a book review and getting ready for opinion writing. Following this we will have more fun with narrative writing. One of the great opportunities we have within daily 5 is a work on writing task that allows students to practice on demand writing with a variety of fun and creative prompts. 

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