Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our week thus far!

We have spent time this week reviewing how to write a summary focused on main characters and events. The emphasis has been on key words such as In the beginning, Then, Next, After that, and In the end. 
We have also continued our readers workshop model with a focus on word detective, character analysis, persuasive writing, and fluency skills and strategies during guided reading groups. 

We are loving unit 4 of investigations. Ask your child how to play "Guess My Rule". This would be a great activity for all families to play anytime. 
We are also generating a variety of survey questions, collecting data, and practicing different ways to organize data. We have created bar graphs, picture charts, and venn diagrams so far. 
Remember: math facts are critical to secure in second grade. Continue to encourage your child to keep practicing. 

Balance and motion. Stay tuned for more pics as we begin another balance activity called "The pencil trick". We have also been using our background knowledge to help us with balance and motion games in technology. 

Thank you all so much for your continued support throughout our persuasive writing unit. Your children are beyond excited to read the persuasive letters you have written back to them. They will get to read these letters on Friday morning. They can not  wait!! 

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