Sunday, December 6, 2015

Beat the Calculator

Beat the Calculator is a game that we've been playing to show the importance of knowing math facts. The goal is for our brain to beat the calculator. 

Close to 20 is another game we practice that again helps us think about number sense and math facts. The goal is to get as close as 20 as you can. We only have five cards at one time to work with and we must think about which cards are most likely to take us the closest to 20. 

Everyday we are working toward number sense. As you've heard me say before, math fact practice -both addition and subtraction are very important. 

Currently, we are differentiating even and odd numbers to assist us with grouping, left overs when problem solving, and able to identify patterns for simple recognition of even and odd numbers.  

As we move into this week, our focus will be to apply what we know about numbers and patterns to work with money and using money to solve more story problems. Language is a big part of this practice as your second grader must identify which language tells us to add or subtract. 

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