Tuesday, December 22, 2015

See you in 2016!

It was great to see your children's faces as I told them during our morning meeting that it would be next year when we had our next morning meeting. They couldn't believe it! Like a whole year will pass in this next week and a half! It was great and developed into a wonderful lesson. 

We've spent the last couple of weeks working on a special creative writing piece for you all. I hope that you enjoy your child's creativity, penmanship, organization, and in many, exploration with paragraphs, quotation marks, and great voice. The growth we have made in our writing is astounding in such a short time. Enjoy! 

In math we've begun collecting and organizing data. We are playing, "what's my rule" in order to think about common attributes as well as differences to help us eliminate possible rule choices. 

If instances provide themselves over this next week, please try to provide your child with opportunities to tell time, count money, and solve random addition and subtraction facts. They love to make a game of this one like a relay or being timed! 

We're also digging deep into text features to assist us with becoming part of the story as we read. We are practicing to stop and reflect on what we've read every few pages asking questions like, "Do I  know where the setting is?" "Who is the main character?" "What do I like most about said character?" "Is there a problem?" "Are the characters working on a solution?" "Can I retell the beginning, middle, and end?"

I will miss all of your sweet children this next week but hope that you all have time to enjoy one another and get some good laughs in on maybe at least one "lazy" day as my girls and I like to call it. 

Happy Holidays! I can't tell you enough how honored I am to be working with you and your child. I am truly blessed! 

Some critical thinking and team work before we indulged in afternoon gingerbread cookie creativity. 

Beware! Here come the gingerbread "men"! 

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