Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun with Words

We've begun our fun with words this week. 

You should have noticed that your child came home this afternoon with a take home copy of spelling words. These are words chosen by your second grader from their weekly sort that he/she will be tested on each Friday. 

Your child will be coming home this week with a list of strategies or ideas that you can do to help your child study his/her words. It's really more like practice as we do study these words every day throughout the week in different ways. 

Word work is a very fun part of our day. Your second grader takes on the role of detective. They use a magnifying lens and everything! First, we learn the sort. What is the pattern or rule for our spelling in the sort? Next, we practice with our spelling buddy through speed sort activities, sentence making, word hunts, and blind sort activities. With the review at home, hopefully your child is teaching you what their sort is this week. 

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