Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We've got rare insects in our classroom

What a tremendous day today! 

As we study insects, we've been blessed to have two guest speakers come to us. Both did an outstanding job challenging us with new information as well as exposing us to new insects that otherwise, we'd probably never get to meet. (Might be a good thing) 

Here are some snapshots of our time with insects. Pure engagement! 

Thank you Mr. Gavin. 

Tasting different kinds of honey. 

Reading poetry about bees! 


And now switching gears from bees to cockroaches and walking stick bugs. Oh my goodness...what a wacky Wednesday. 

One of the tools used to catch particular insects. 

We learned that if this insect becomes afraid, he lets off a strong smell of rubber. 

Woah! That walking stick is like nothing I've seen before! 
Super cool! 
Curious Maine insects 

A great, great day! 

Fun facts: 
Did you know that a butterfly has two knob like things at the top of its feelers? 

The feelers of a moth actually look like feathers. 

Have you ever thought of an insect having brains? 
Their brain is really just a bunch of nerves in one spot. 

Finally, mosquitos certainly can annoy us but the reason is that they are attracted to carbon dioxide. We happen to breathe out carbon dioxide so they're naturally attracted to us, unfortunately. 

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